Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I park my car?

There are some 20 parking spots outside Cirkus Restaurant. You will also find a parking garage with some 100 parking spots under Hotel Hasselbacken, which is right next door to Cirkus. During the autumn and winter period, you can also park in the large Gröna Lund parking lot, located down by the waterfront.

Do I have to print out a paper ticket or can I show it as an e-ticket on my mobile device?

You can show your e-ticket on your mobile device. In the event you are part of a group with several tickets, please note that bringing a group confirmation is not enough, all tickets must be scanned individually at the entrance.

Is Cirkus equipped with hearing loops?

Hearing loops are available at both Cirkus and New Cirkus. If you wish to borrow an assistive hearing headset you can check one out at the coat check before the performance.

Is wheelchair accessible seating available?

Both Cirkus and the New Cirkus stage offer wheelchair-accessible seating. Wheelchair-accessible seating tickets include a companion ticket. Wheelchair-accessible spots can be booked via the Cirkus Box office, Ticketmaster agents or the Ticketmaster call enter +46 (0)77-170 70 70

Do you have wheelchair accessible restrooms?

Yes, there are wheelchair-accessible restrooms at both the Cirkus Arena and New Cirkus stage.

How long is the performance?

Information about the length of the performance is listed on the respective performance or event page on our website.

I left something behind after the performance yesterday, how can I get it back?

If you left something behind you after a concert or event, send an email to, describing the item. Tell us what you lost, the name of the performance you were attending, the number of your seat, or where you think you lost it.

The premises are cleaned the day after the performance or event by the cleaning staff, who gather any left-behind items that they find, which are then put into the lost and found by our lobby staff. To call lost and found, ring +46 (0) 8-587 987 15 after 17.00 on the day of an event or performance.

Can I pay with cash at your venue?

Cirkus is a cashless venue. It’s safer and more efficient for our visitors and for our staff. You’re welcome to pay with credit card, We accept most credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard and American Express


Do I need to book a table if I have bought a menu ticket?

No. When you buy the menu ticket, it will be booked automatically.

Do I have to get there at the time on my ticket? I’m afraid I won’t make it.

No, you don’t have to arrive 2,5 hours before the show starts. However, in order to best enjoy your meal, we recommend that you arrive at least 2h before the performance begins.

Do I have to choose the show menu if I book a table at Cirkus?

No, you don’t. Unless, you have already purchased a menu ticket, you are welcome to order from our à la carte.

I tried to book at table via the website, but none were available?

While not all tables in the restaurant are bookable online, if you didn’t manage to make an online booking the restaurant may be full.  But give us a call on +46 (08) 587 987 50 and let’s see what we can do.

We bought menu tickets separately, but would really like to sit together. Is that possible?

If your tickets were purchased using the same name and telephone number, you will automatically be seated together in the restaurant for dinner. However, this is applicable to seating in the restaurant only, and not to seating during the performance.

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