Salvador Sobral

19-12-21 20:00 Lilla Cirkus
ca 1,5h

Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral is coming to Stockholm for the very first time and we’ll meet him at Cirkus for a show this December!

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Last time we met him was on the grand stage of Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Not many of us who knew what he was singing, but most of us certainly felt it!

It was not about scenography or special effects. No political or provocative messages. It was all harmony, melody…and that “feeling”. Back in 2017 Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Israel and many other countires gave all of their 12 points to Salvador Sobral, making him the Eurovisions all time highest-scoring winner, winning both the jury and televoters.

At Cirkus this December Salvador Sobral will present his new album “Paris, Lisboa” a multilingual exploration of the two cities inspired by a journey between them. The album is a tribute to Wim Wenders classic film “Paris, Texas”. Salvador Sobral will alternate between his native Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French including a piece by the Brazilian samba-canção composer Lupicínio Rodrigues, and another by Francisca Cortesão and Afonso Cabral.

Salvador Sobral – vocal,
Júlio Resende – grand piano,
André Rosina – double bass,
Bruno Pedroso – drums

See you at Cirkus 21st of December 2019!



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